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What tracking link do my customers use to track a package?

Customers can use the FirstMile Tracking link for the latest package updates.

How do I track a package?

Packages can be tracked via the respective carrier websites or through the FirstMile Tracking platform.

What does it mean when my tracking says "En Route"?

If you are tracking a package with FirstMile, DHL, USPS and other carriers and the latest tracking event says "En Route to ........." that means there was an electronic notification given to the carrier distribution center that the label has been printed and the package is on it's way.  If the package does not arrive and there is no tracking event following "En route" that would signals to us that the label was printed but the package has not yet arrived at the distribution center.

Some of the reasons a package does not arrive at a distribution center are as follows:

  • The software that prints the label sent out the notification of the label being printed but the printer failed while printing therefore the label never printed out
  • The label was printed but we discarded and was never applied to a package, therefore was never able to make it on a transport to the distribution center
  • The label was printed and the package was picked up but during the transportation from fulfillment center to distribution center the package was misrouted and was sent to the wrong distribution center
  • The label was printed, the package was delivered to the correct distribution center however the carrier failed to scan it's arrival and it is on to it's next destination and will receive a scan at it's next stop