Compete with Fast Shipping at Great Rates

Offer your customers competitive shipping times, without sacrificing profits with Xparcel Priority.

Why Opt for Xparcel Priority?

If speed is your main priority and you want orders to reach your customers fast, while controlling shipping costs, Xparcel Priority is right for you.

Xparcel Priority empowers eCommerce brands of every size to compete in today’s market with this 2-3 day delivery option.

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Fast and Affordable Shipping, Redefined

Choose Xparcel Expedited for the optimal combination of shipping cost and transit speed.

Why Opt for Xparcel Expedited?

When you need to meet customer demands for fast shipping without compromising profitability, Xparcel Expedited is the perfect solution.

Xparcel Expedited offers eCommerce retailers a competitive edge by providing a 2-5 day shipping option that strikes the ideal balance between price and transit speed, ensuring customer satisfaction and business success.

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Cost-Effective Shipping with Maximum Returns

Choose Xparcel Ground for optimal savings and profitability with standard shipping times.

Why Opt for Xparcel Ground?

If you aim to maximize cost savings and enhance profitability while still meeting reasonable shipping timelines, Xparcel Ground is the perfect fit.

Xparcel Ground offers a 3-8 day shipping service that enables eCommerce businesses to strike the ideal balance between affordable shipping and satisfactory delivery times, ensuring increased profits and customer satisfaction.

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Your Ultimate Guide for Domestic and International eCommerce Shipping

Discover essential tips, best practices, and expert insights on domestic and international shipping to optimize your ecommerce operations and delight your customers with seamless deliveries worldwide.

Domestic Shipping 101

Expert Shipping Advice: Key Factors to Consider

The right shipping partner should meet the unique needs of your operations and accommodate your customers’ delivery preferences while also providing enough flexibility to expand your business. When evaluating shipping carrier options, your choice of a shipping solution company should include the following considerations:

Delivery destinations

Are you shipping packages only inside the US, or international locations, or both?

Types of products shipped

Are your products easily damaged, perishable, or subject to regulatory issues?

Weight, size, and packaging materials

Do your product specifications vary significantly to impact the shipping costs?

Customer preferences

Can your shipper accommodate your customers’ delivery cost and speed expectations?

Reliable, up-to-date tracking

Are you able to quickly and accurately locate a shipment and its latest milestone update?

International eCommerce Success

Thinking Ahead if You Plan On Shipping to International Customers

If you’re planning on entering the global market now or in the future, deciding on a shipping solution should include additional important considerations, including:

These are additional taxes that some nations levy on goods to limit import trade from certain countries. Their purpose is to protect domestic industries from the negative effect of international competitors. You may find these fees referred to as import or customs duties.
Taxes are based on a percentage of the cost of goods entering the destination country, and in some cases may require an upfront payment.
Customs forms
You’ll need to complete customs forms before you can ship a package outside of the U.S. The forms describe the package’s contents and note its value.
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Guide to Domestic Shipping with FirstMile
Partnering with FirstMile

Transform logistics challenges into seamless experiences.

Choosing FirstMile ensures not just efficient logistics solutions, but also a commitment to excellence, ensuring your shipping operations run smoothly and effectively every step of the way.

Tap into cutting-edge shipping solutions, dedicated customer support, and industry expertise.


My package arrived sooner than expected! Very happy with this delivery service and hope more companies choose to ship through FirstMile!

- Chelsea Kerns

Was delivered so quickly, I got my package the same day the company said it shipped. Such a nice surprise!

- Emilie Johnson
Partnering with FirstMile

Elevate the customer experience one delivery at a time

FirstMile elevates customer satisfaction by delivering seamless shipping experiences, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries that leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Keep customers happy with fast, affordable shipping and reliable tracking updates.

“FirstMile got my package to me way faster than I thought they would, and during Christmas season! Happy with the delivery.“

- Celeste Samaseia

“I just received my order today and I love it! The service was quick and I can’t believe how fast I got my package! Great hustle FirstMile!”

- Julie Bradfield

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Your Tailored Shipping Experience Awaits

Xparcel Priority:
Ship in 2-3 days
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Xparcel Expedited:
Ship in 2-5 days
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Xparcel Ground:
Ship in 3-8 days
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Expert Solutions for Startups, Enterprise Shippers, and 3PLs

The All-in-One eCommerce Shipping Solution

Elevate your business to new heights with our industry-leading expertise, dedicated support team, and innovative patented technology, tailored to businesses at every stage of growth.

The Original Smart Routing
Xparcel was built to provide brands at every stage with an accessible and efficient, fully optimized carrier strategy.

Xparcel is a dynamic shipping solution that optimizes package routing according to your unique shipping profile and changing market conditions. Say goodbye to shipment delays caused by carrier disruptions or bottlenecks.
An Extensive National, Regional, Local and International Shipping Network
Take Advantage of Over 50 Million Shipments of Purchasing Power
Simple Shipping Integration

Shipping Platform Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your shipping operations your way with FirstMile.