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International Shipping Services

International shipping solution that simplifies the complexities of cross-border eCommerce for retailers and shippers of every size.

Benefits of a Comprehensive International Shipping Solution

Hassle-Free Shipping: Expand Seamlessly into Global Markets with FirstMile

Streamlined Global Shipping
A holistic solution that simplifies and optimizes the entire process of shipping internationally, from start to finish.
Expertise and
A team of reliable shipping specialists to help navigate international shipping and simplify compliance processes.
Elevated Customer Experience
Faster and reliable international shipping to provide a better customer experience and increased customer satisfaction.
Xparcel: Optimized Shipping Costs

Faster Shipping & Lower Costs with Xparcel

International Shipping, Optimized.
Simplify your shipping decisions with Xparcel International. Our patented ship method delivers with the best all-in rate for every package shipped, while ensuring the desired level of service transit. Simply choose Xparcel International as your shipping method and leave the guesswork behind.
Dynamically Adjust to Market Conditions and Avoid Transit Delays

Xparcel leverages regional and non-traditional carrier networks to deliver on transit expectations. It dynamically routes shipments to avoid bottlenecks and known transit delays caused by adverse weather conditions and carrier constraints.

International Shipping Services and Features

Expand Seamlessly into Global Markets

Customs Clearance
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Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)
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International Tracking
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Export Documentation
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Value-Added Protection
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International Claims
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“My package arrived sooner than expected! Very happy with this delivery service and hope more companies choose to ship through FirstMile!“

- Chelsea Kerns

“My package arrived only a few days after I ordered it and I was able to track it through the whole process. Great service!”

- Kylie Haslam Lawson

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Expert Solutions for Startups, Enterprise Shippers, and 3PLs

The All-in-One eCommerce Shipping Solution

Elevate your business to new heights with our industry-leading expertise, dedicated support team, and innovative patented technology, tailored to businesses at every stage of growth.

The Original Smart Routing
Xparcel was built to provide brands at every stage with an accessible and efficient, fully optimized carrier strategy.

Xparcel is a dynamic shipping solution that optimizes package routing according to your unique shipping profile and changing market conditions. Say goodbye to shipment delays caused by carrier disruptions or bottlenecks.
An Extensive National, Regional, Local and International Shipping Network
Take Advantage of Over 50 Million Shipments of Purchasing Power
Simple Shipping Integration

Shipping Platform Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your shipping operations your way with FirstMile.


International Claims:

FirstMile's international claims service provides prompt and efficient resolution for any shipping-related losses or damage encountered during international shipments, ensuring peace of mind for businesses shipping globally.