Import customs clearance

Like export customs clearance, this stage can delay your shipment. During this step, officials will ensure your goods meet all import requirements of the destination country, like paying any applicable taxes and duties.

Import haulage

Once your goods are cleared for import inside a country’s border, they will be transferred to your warehouse or the customer.

International Shipping 101

Your Guide to International Shipping

Thinking about expanding your business overseas? Here's everything you need to consider to begin shipping internationally.

The Stages of Overseas Shipping

Navigating Regulations and Expanding Markets

International shipping opens doors to new markets, allowing businesses to reach customers worldwide. Though it can be complex, understanding regulations and partnering with a reliable shipping company ensures smooth operations and successful global expansion. Learn the ins and outs of international shipping, including shipping timelines, paperwork, customs, and logistics, to optimize your cross-border operations and deliver products with confidence.

Warehouse Export Haulage

Transfer your items from warehouse to carrier. Typically the quickest stage without causing any shipping delays.

Export Customs Clearance

Prepare items for export, including acquiring permits and filling out customs declarations. During this step, shipments can be delayed.

Country Transportation

During this stage, your goods are transported from their origin to the country of destination.

Import Customs Clearance

Officials will ensure goods meet all import requirements of the destination country, like paying any applicable taxes and duties. This stage can delay your shipment.

Warehouse Import Haulage

Once your goods are cleared for import inside a country’s border, they will be transferred to your warehouse or the customer.

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Evaluating the Needs for Your Business

What to Look for When Choosing an International Shipping Company

Sizing Restrictions & Weight Limits

When shipping internationally, you must consider the size and weight of your parcel....

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Shipping Costs & Pricing

The cost you pay for shipping will depend on your specific needs and what you are shipping....

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Domestic vs International Shipping

If you intend to ship packages both domestically and internationally, you may....

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Quick Delivery Times

It is in your best interest to choose an international shipping company that offers efficient, fast....

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Authorized & Licensed Companies

When choosing a shipping company, your main priority should be to make sure the international....

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Reliable Tracking Process

Accurate and reliable tracking assures both you and your customer that the package you sent will....

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Guide to International Shipping with FirstMile
Air vs Ocean Shipping Methods

International Shipping Methods

Air and ocean shipping methods each have their benefits and drawbacks. Ocean shipping is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly but this is offset by a longer transit time, which isn’t great news if you prefer to send packages quickly. Air shipping, on the other hand, offers fast shipping times, but it does take a bigger toll on the environment and comes with a bigger price tag. When deciding between the two methods of transportation, consider how fast you need to ship a product and how much your operations impact the environment.

Air Shipping

Ocean Shipping

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International Shipping Tips

Tips to Build Repeat Purchase Encouragement Into Each Customer’s Shipping Experience

Shipping internationally may seem intimidating at first, but you can avoid potential delays by knowing what to expect. With the right knowledge on your side, as well as the right international shipping company, you can ship packages overseas with no issues.

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