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About FirstMile's Ecommerce Shipping & International Fulfillment

FirstMile is an eCommerce parcel carrier with a patented shipping method, Xparcel. Our unique approach allows small, medium and large eCommerce shippers to get the best combination of price and service across a wide network of United States Post Office workshare partners--including our own.

We do this all with while simplifying the complexities of managing parcel shipping with one API connection, one pick up via our FirstMile owned and operated vehicles, and one invoice.

Xparcel drives the right label to you for each and every package, every day, across multiple USPS workshare options; that include first class, priority mail, express, ground and hybrid options. This means you are able to optimize 100% of your shipping volume to leverage the best service at the best cost, for every customer order.

The FirstMile algorithm works by first shopping each package for price and service. It then returns the right label for each unique package, which assures the best combination of price and service for that package within the prescribed service limits you set.

Whether you're looking for expedited service at a great rate or simply looking to minimize cost and maximize savings, FirstMile has you covered.

Plus, our systems integrate seamlessly into common shipping platforms like ShipStation, ShipRush, Ship Hero, Order Cup and many more for easy setup.

If you are tired of overpaying for shipping and the headaches of trying to navigate the always changing eCommerce shipping labyrinth, let FirstMile's shipping experts help.


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