About FirstMile

FirstMile's Origin Story

From a Need to a Solution: How FirstMile Paved the Way for Seamless Shipping

Headquartered in beautiful Salt Lake City, FirstMile got its start in 2014...
"Early in my career, I recognized the unmet needs of the middle market in the logistics industry. While large carriers focused on major retailers, smaller businesses were left struggling to find efficient shipping solutions.

I saw an opportunity to bridge this gap by providing the assets, the ability to get parcels where they needed to go, and the technology to do so.

I partnered with a national carrier early on, developing innovative solutions such as a label server before many of our peers. This allowed our customers to print labels easily, while I personally picked up packages in my jeep, eventually scaling to a fleet of trucks."
The Growing Problem that Businesses Face
"I soon realized that while our solution worked well for many clients, it didn't meet the needs of all businesses in every area. The world of ecommerce transportation has evolved, with various non-traditional solutions emerging, such as regional carriers, peer-to-peer networks, and micro-delivery services.

Despite these vast opportunities, optimizing transportation remains a challenge for ecommerce shippers.

Imagine having 10 different carrier contracts, the best TMS software, and routing rules for specific zip codes, but still facing inefficiencies. Splitting 2,000 daily orders across 10 carriers results in 200 orders per carrier, leading to a loss of spending leverage, multiple trucks arriving at the same dock doors, and the need to manage different customer service contacts, invoices, and tracking sites."
It becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to optimize their transportation without encountering further inefficiencies...
... And that's where FirstMile comes in.
How It Works

At FirstMile, we're committed to solving eCommerce shippers' transportation challenges.

Unique Solution to an Ever-Growing Problem
We have developed a unique approach to optimize transportation at the ship method level rather than on a piece-by-piece basis. This breakthrough is a game-changer for our clients, ranging from direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands to full-service 3PLs. Instead of having to log in to multiple TMS platforms and hardcode zip codes for specific carriers in various markets, our algorithm automatically identifies the most suitable carrier for a given ship method and destination.
Tailored Experiences for our Clients
We pick up from our clients daily. Packages may go through networks like DHL and regional carriers. We manage some deliveries, collaborate with partners, and directly serve certain areas.
We Function as their Carrier of Choice
Our algorithms analyze factors like origin, destination, and weight to choose the best carrier and route. With FirstMile, simply select us, expect 3-5 day delivery, track, and schedule a pickup.
Xparcel is Our Ship Method
Just like UPS mail innovations or FedEx smart post, Xparcel is our shipping method. We thread together the networks on our end so you can focus more on what matters to you.
Empowering Your Journey: FirstMile's Commitment

Why We Do What We Do

Championing Every Business, Big or Small
At FirstMile, we fervently believe in the power of connection and the boundless potential within every business, no matter its size or scope.

Our mission is to champion entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries who dare to break new ground in the world of ecommerce.

We stand as committed partners, tirelessly working to fuel growth and facilitate global aspirations, whether you're a one-person start-up, a burgeoning small business, or an established enterprise.
We value the trust you place in us, and we are committed to honoring it
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You can focus on what matters most
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Fueling Success with our Competitive Advantage
With Xparcel as a cornerstone of our shipping solutions, we are primed to adapt to your business's changing needs and growth.

Our partnership with Xparcel is key to offering a unified carrier network that brings you the best of all worlds - from national and regional carriers to local specialists, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and consistency in your.... Read More
The First Mile Together
We believe that with the right partner, anyone can start a business, anyone can dream big, and anyone can make those dreams a reality. At FirstMile, we're more than a shipping provider; we're a partner, an ally, and a steadfast supporter of your ambitions. Let's journey the first mile together towards a more connected, prosperous future
We are dedicated to delivering not just your packages, but also a promise of quality, reliability, and efficiency
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Executive Team

Meet Our Wonderful Team

From Utah Roots to Global Routes
Founded in 2014 in the heart of Salt Lake City, FirstMile's roots run deep in Utah values.

Our dedicated team, enriched by the spirit of collaboration and innovation, exemplifies the dynamic synergy that this region is renowned for. Embodying expertise and dedication, we've grown from a Utah gem to a global force, all while holding onto our local essence.
Scott Hale
Chief Financial Officer
Devin Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Bethany O'Neil
Vice President of HR
Scott Riddle
Chief Operating Officer
Paul Tran
Vice President of IT
Zach Green
Vice President of Sales
Behind the Scenes

Culture Means A Lot To Us As Well

Our Team Members Are Deeply Committed to Their Roles
Ensuring that every client receives unparalleled service. Every day, we come together with a shared passion to provide the best for our clients and to learn from one another.

Our dynamic environment buzzes with energy and ideas, and we believe in the power of collaboration.
We're Always on the Lookout...
We're always looking for more wonderful individuals to join our community. Here, we do more than just our work, we celebrate successes, support each other through challenges, and always trying to aim higher.

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With Xparcel as a cornerstone of our shipping solutions, we are primed to adapt to your business's changing needs and growth. Our partnership with Xparcel is key to offering a unified carrier network that brings you the best of all worlds - from national and regional carriers to local specialists, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and consistency in your shipping operations.

No matter the size of your enterprise or the volume of your shipments, Xparcel enables us to handle it efficiently, maintaining a high standard of service across all our shipping partners.

Our goal with Xparcel is not just to ship packages but to build bridges that connect your business to customers around the globe. With Xparcel, we turn the world into your marketplace, simplifying global commerce, and providing the competitive advantage needed to thrive in the dynamic world of eCommerce.