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Our relationship with ShipStore enables you to access one of the most powerful software programs for shipping available for small and medium-sized companies.

ShipStore Makes Sense of Shipping

ShipStore Makes Sense of Shipping

The search for efficiency in shipping has challenged companies for decades. Now, with so many products in motion to so many addresses, the need has only expanded. Parcel shipping volume increases nearly every year, reaching nearly 22 billion packages in the U.S. in 2021. Only a major economic downturn is likely to turn the tide on the growth of shipping. One major shipper expects package shipping in the U.S. to reach between 25-40 billion packages by 2027.

The best way to keep up with this frenetic pace is with powerful shipping software that can handle the complexity of large parcel operations. The ideal software will include a full suite of features that capture efficiencies that other vendors fail to realize. The advantages for your company are numerous:

  • State-of-the-art automation
  • Company-wide integration
  • Unique customization
  • Comprehensive support service

This robust software works for companies that ship between 100 to 100,000 packages per day. It will allow your business to find savings that impact the cost of shipping for your clients, making your business model more competitive than ever. The integrated system works across the many different shipping networks in play today.

Choosing Carriers

ShipStore Determines the Right Carrier

With so many carriers involved in shipping, it can be difficult to make the right choice every time. Going with the wrong carrier to a destination could increase costs by 20% or more. While FedEx might have a better rate for one package, it could be cheaper to mail through USPS or UPS in a different scenario. Dozens of different shippers want your money, but only one or two offer the best deal on each occasion.

At FirstMile, we know that each company has different needs, and your business will have special considerations when it comes to shipping. ShipStore has helped a variety of companies achieve efficiencies and savings through a long list of innovative features:

  • Software that conducts shipping from a single platform.
  • Software that enhances technology and carrier partnerships.
  • Software that adapts to customized integrations to meet specific needs.

If you have worked with other shipping partners, you might have seen many lost opportunities to realize savings. This remains a common complaint from many companies. However, having a ShipStore account could provide your company with the last shipping software overhaul it will need.

Empowering Your Company

Knowledge Helps Your Company Succeed

Many elements go into the complex calculus of shipping. Packages vary by weight, size, fragility, and other factors, and they might go 100 miles away or 3,0000 miles away. Additionally, a package could cross into several different countries. Trying to figure all of this out without a software program designed to handle this level of complexity will only result in higher costs for your company and your clients.

You need a strong partner to help your company make sense of all of the options available. For example, exploring the possibility of shipping boxes that precisely fit your product could save you thousands of dollars or more. An experienced logistics company will help you take advantage of right-size shipping containers that avoid surcharges and benefit from flat-rate shipping rates. While it is no surprise that nearly all carriers prefer packages of uniform shape, maximizing this reality requires expertise.

Superior software for shipping is only part of the benefit of working with ShipStore. Your company also gains access to a consulting experience that looks closely at your business operations and shipping needs. This could result in packages getting to clients more quickly and at a reduced cost. Exemplary customer service ensures your company gets the attention it deserves.

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