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Technology at FirstMile

Explore FirstMile's technology suite, featuring Xparcel, advanced sorting machines, and a unified reporting dashboard, streamlining modern logistics and shipping.
Shipping Method Technology

FirstMile is your carrier, Xparcel is your ship method.

Ship packages more effectively with Xparcel by leveraging the power of a unified national, regional, local, and international carrier network in one carrier selection.

How it works

Select your shipping speed preferences, and Xparcel will handle the rest on a per-package basis.

Xparcel will take into account factors including weight, dimensions, origin and destination, as well as fuel and assessorials, among other elements.
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Sorting at its Best

Parcel Sorting Technology

FirstMile uses industry leading parcel sorting technology to process up to 10,000 packages per hour at every FirstMile sorting facility.

Shipments that are routed to a FirstMile sorting facility are further broken down into regions to access additional cost savings for our customers and expedite the sorting process.

Our state-of-the-art sorting machines automatically and efficiently place packages in their designated locations, facilitating immediate linehaul, zone skip, and partner carrier induction. By optimizing the sorting process, we enable a seamless transition from collection to transportation, saving valuable time and resources for our customers.


The delivery was slippery quick! My package came way sooner than I had been planning on! Grateful to have had a nice looking, not destroyed, all in one piece package arrive at my doorstep! Thanks First Mile here’s to many more miles of deliveries! πŸ˜‰

- Melanie Kilburn
Enhance Your Business

Benefits of utilizing advanced sorting technology:

Streamlined Sorting Process
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Efficient placement and Precise Sorting
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Seamless Data Integration
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May 23, 2024
FirstMile Recognized as an Innovator by Stampli
Reporting Technology

Empowering you with actionable shipment data

Our reporting tool is designed to provide you with enhanced visibility and valuable insights into your shipping. This tool offers a range of functionality that will streamline your tracking and billing processes. By leveraging these features, clients can optimize logistics operations, improve customer satisfaction, and gain valuable insights into shipping performance.

Transit Times
Gain visibility into transit times for your shipments, excluding Sundays and holidays. This information will help you plan and manage your delivery expectations effectively.
Carrier Information and Product Details
Easily identify the carrier and specific services used for your shipments. This enables effective tracking and comparison across different transport providers, optimizing performance.
Scan Dates
Monitor your package's journey with scan updates. These dates signal the last scan, offering insights into the parcel's transit, ensuring you stay informed on the progress of your packages.
Delivery Status
Check your package's delivery status quickly and easily. Determine if the shipment is in transit, out for delivery, delivered, or if any exceptions or delays have occurred.
Destination Address Details
Get detailed info about your shipment's endpoint: city, state, zip. When carriers send data to our servers, you'll also see a more intricate address perspective with Lines 1 & 2.
Billing Report Tool
Dive deep into your billing details. This report includes package weight, dimensions, origin, destination, billed zone number, invoice numbers, dates, surcharges, and the total billed.
Expert Solutions for Startups, Enterprise Shippers, and 3PLs

The All-in-One eCommerce Shipping Solution

Elevate your business to new heights with our industry-leading expertise, dedicated support team, and innovative patented technology, tailored to businesses at every stage of growth.

The Original Smart Routing
Xparcel was built to provide brands at every stage with an accessible and efficient, fully optimized carrier strategy.
Xparcel is a dynamic shipping solution that optimizes package routing according to your unique shipping profile and changing market conditions. Say goodbye to shipment delays caused by carrier disruptions or bottlenecks.
An Extensive National, Regional, Local and International Shipping Network
Take Advantage of Over 50 Million Shipments of Purchasing Power
Simple Shipping Integration

Shipping Platform Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your shipping operations your way with FirstMile.