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WE will do all the work for YOUR customer satisfaction

Have you ever thought about the domino effect customer satisfaction has on your company? In an article written by Nykki Yeager titled Customer Loyalty she says,  “On average, a happy customer will tell nine friends about their positive experience. That’s nine potential new customers. And since they’re being referred by a friend, they’re more likely to buy from you: four times more likely, to be exact. When your products, service, and experience make your customers happy, they’ll do your selling for you.” Isn’t this what we all want and need? Well, we can do just that for you, we will be the good and the bad. Are you interested how a fulfillment company like FirstMile can increase customer satisfaction and streamline your business? Keep reading.

When you ship and/or fulfill with our teams here at FirstMile and IFS360  our name is proudly on the packaging of your product, We (just as much as you) want the best customer satisfaction for ourselves but also for you.  Lucky for you because of this we also get to take the blame for anything that may go wrong that is or is not in our control. What is even luckier for you is that we also do our own deliveries in certain locations, do you know the kind of value that can bring to you? When you are shipping with any other carrier most of the time your product is touched by multiple different companies and carriers starting from who is doing the packaging down to who is doing the delivery. During this process your chances of having a problem such as losing a package or sending a package to the wrong place will go up. When you work with us, we can potentially be the only person touching your package from start to finish. Less frowns and more smiles for everyone.

There are many different ways we can improve customer satisfaction; here are a few ways and tips highlighted from the same article written by Yeager:

CSAT = Customer Satisfaction

Many new teams begin tracking quality by measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT). Using a number of tools, you can send customers a satisfaction survey at the end of each support interaction, giving them an easy way to share feedback and provide commentary on what they did and didn’t like. CSAT surveys should be kept short so that people actually reply; asking just one additional question can prevent customers from responding.

CES = Customer Effort Score

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a measure of the amount of work a customer felt they had to do to get their issue solved. Customers who have to write in several times, repeat their requests, or search for hours trying to find a way to contact you would all report a “high effort experience.”

NET = Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures loyalty by asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product to others. Customers are then separated into three categories, based on their response: promoters, passives, and detractors.

As you do your part you can always count on us to do ours! We will gladly take your responsibility upon us to increase customer satisfaction and potentially gain those nine new customers!