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The Short and Simple Advice to Shipping

Do you own an online business and need e-commerce shipping tips? On average how often have you used the internet to educate yourself on shipping? As you know, it is very important to know the differences between each service in the shipping world and there are plenty to choose from. In an article called Three Tips to Avoid Costly Shipping Mistakes says, “For manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, shipping products quickly and reliably to clients and customers is a major concern. But transporting goods by ground, sea or air -- domestically or internationally -- can be a complicated operation for business owners who haven't explored every shipping method and the costs associated with them. Some of the most common mistakes include not knowing which shipping method to choose, being unclear about international shipping regulations and not double-checking shipments before they're sent.”

It takes time to study and weigh out the options that will best fit you and your company. A few simple questions to narrow things down for you in the beginning is to ask 1. What is the average weight of my packages and what services will my product fit under?  2. What transit time do you prefer your packages to be sent? What are the dimensions of my packages? Do you want insurance on your packages? How many packages do you ship domestically vs. Internationally? What label printing software do you want to use to print your labels? The list can go on and we understand the frustrations that go along with it. Here is a helpful article to further educate yourself on some shipping options.  How can I save Money Shipping Things to Other People?

The good news though is that we have a simple small business shipping tip for you… just talk to FirstMile! Here at FirstMile we will simply ask these questions and do the rest for you, offering the best options that fit YOUR needs. We want you to keep selling your product effectively and efficiently!