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The Only Constant is Change

Recently while reading an article titled “Shipping: The Only Constant is Change,” could make for a confusing statement unless you understand shipping appropriately. eCommerce business shipping is constantly changing and new shipping trends can be hard to keep up with. Justin Cramer who wrote the article says, “While shipping may seem simple to customers (or even company executives), shipping managers know that it’s anything but.” There are a lot of details that go figuring out the details for even just one small package. Cramer mentions renegotiating shipping contracts with multiple carriers for every package and in the end it will be able to help your company “dramatically” save on shipping costs and help boost business. At FirstMile we are the truly the first mile in your business’ shipping method, we have the negotiated contracts and are shipping thousands of packages a day which means our rates are worth looking into and the function of FirstMile itself.

In the article written on Parcel there are a few points worth looking into to keep up with the constant changes in eCommerce business shipping. We will discuss a few below.

1 - Consider a variety of carriers, including both regional and local.

“Many companies may not realize local couriers can transport shipments 80 to 100 miles within a specified zone...regional carriers also offer longer time schedules for pick-up and delivery, and they can even provide next-day delivery options to meet customer expectations.” One of these companies is FirstMile, with our many warehouses around the country and our own delivery trucks, depending on location these packages are delivered by FirstMile and can be not only next day but even same day in some locations.

2- Design packaging with DIM weight in mind

DIM weight (meaning  an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package) charges impact large lightweight items the most...”It’s critical shippers design packaging that better fits these items in order to create the smallest parcel possible.” When using a company like FirstMile we have fulfillment warehouses that will package your items appropriately.

3- Rate shop carriers and services using multi-carrier shipping software

“Many shippers turn to shipping software that automatically rate shops their carriers and services to identify the best shipping option for every order, no matter the DIM weight...These shippers have found they can save a minimum of six percent in shipping costs and have increased savings.”

In the end Cramer says it perfectly, “When the only constant in the shipping industry is change, shippers need to incorporate the best strategies and solutions into the warehouse in order to keep up with regulations and boost business.” Let us handle shipping changes and trends in the eCommerce industry for you and boost your business through using some or all of our facilities. Contact us for more help or any questions.