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The Consumers Perspective and a little bit of Advice

Did you know that free shipping is the incentive online shoppers want most (88%)? According to a Forbes article. “Though free shipping is what customers want most, according to Walker Sands Communications, it’s not really about saving money. It’s about the perception of saving money, feeling like you snagged a deal.” Is that not true for all of us? Learn how to offer free shipping for your customers now! From the same article Forbes mentions over 90% of people buying on Amazon wouldn’t purchase an item with less than three stars. “Consumers listen to each other, if Freedvisor’s research is any indication. Offering a ratings tool is an easy way to monitor buyer perceptions and improve products, but if Amazon is any indicator, a minimum of three stars is a necessity to even consider purchasing.”

Also included in star ratings , customer service is key when purchasing a product. “Two out of five customers are fine interacting with chatbots.” You don’t even have to worry about hiring people who are willing to talk on the phone, this also cuts out less time when needing to wait for someone to pick up the phone.  Again from Forbes, “Nearly half of customers are comfortable using chatbots, according to [24]7, an AI-powered customer engagement and experience solutions provider. There’s plenty of room for retailers to invest in chatbots, all which will lead to getting information and completing a transaction easier and faster.” Move over and pick up the pace!

Last but not least according to Forbes they said, “Fifty-five percent of consumers would rather interact with eCommerce technology in store than a sales associate.” This is saying something to business owners. “Astound Commerce’s consumer data suggests that buyers would appreciate a little more automation and that companies could redirect sales associates to other tasks. This reinforces consideration for tech solutions.”

Food for thought, “
Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. released a report stating that Amazon ships an average of 608 million packages a year which roughly equates to 1,600,000 packages a day. That’s over 1,000 packages a minute!” With the little bit of eCommerce customer feedback above it is helpful for all business owners to be aware of what their consumers want from you so maybe you can start shipping 1,000 packages per minute too!