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Nobody's Perfect

Shipping and logistics is always changing and as you probably already know, new services are being offered regularly. Carriers are either changing the names of each product, or there is a new one to learn about. At times it can get a little hectic but do not fear because there is help out there if you simply do not or cannot do it alone anymore.

From a business owners perspective, if you are fulfilling your own product, you know that you need to have a organized set up. Starting with an online label printing service (unless going to the USPS or UPS), have the right kind of packaging, sending the package at the right time and more! In a helpful article titled 8 Ways to Improve your Delivery Performance talks about “the secrets to lightning-fast shipping.” The first step in the article is to simplify your internal processes. Starting with step one before your product is even ordered can set the pace for your entire shipping process. Another helpful tip that takes a little extra work is step number eight, “keep your customers informed.” It says, “Time goes awfully slowly when you’re waiting for something. Keeping your customers informed on the status of the delivery will make time go much faster for them. So even if you can’t do anything to speed up the time, you can make your customers feel much more satisfied because they know what’s happening.” It is always important to keep the customer first because they will always come back for more if you do.

Well, what if you don’t have enough time to do some of the things listed above and are looking for some helpful options? Did you know that FirstMile is not just a shipping company who offers killer rates and can pick up your packages but that we are also an order fulfillment company with warehouses that can do all of this for you? Our warehouse fulfillment company is IFS360 and the beauty of it all is that when we fulfill for you, you don’t even have to touch your product but we will do it all for you. Plus on top of that you will still get our shipping rates because it is leaving our warehouse.

You learn something new every day right? Well, with that we know that not 100% of packages are delivered correct and on time 100% of the time. We wish they were but ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ and that’s okay. As a business owner or a consumer we can remember that everyone is doing their best on both ends but that there will be a few bumps in the road. We can tell you though that at FirstMile we will do our very best to make it an easy process for you to experience with the goal of 100% all the time. With the right shipping fulfillment company, we believe that it is possible!