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Improving Your Mobile Website

The last two weeks we have covered How to Optimize your Search Box and Enhancing your Search Engine Results Page from Prefix Box “The Big Guide of Easy Ecommerce Search Optimization Tips.” This week we will be covering how to Improve Your Mobile Website. Earlier this year shared, “In May of 2013, we referenced a Search Engine Land report that showed on average, mobile devices resulted in 15% of all traffic. In some categories it was much higher. More recently, Search Engine Watch has reported that mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic! Companies like Yelp have reported that 55% of all searches are from mobile is safe to say mobile is important for your business.”  Here we will cover seven mobile site tips to ensure your website is user-friendly.

1 - Make the Search Box Prominent

Search, in general, is important but search mobile is critical. The search box is the main way people find what they are looking for. Be sure to prominently place the mobile search box at the top of the page on your eCommerce mobile site.

2 – Understand the Users on Your Site

Track how long users stay on your site

How they navigate/ which pages they visit

Which features they use and how they arrived on your site.

*Be sure that your mobile site collects this data separately

3 – Optimize Search Result Relevance

Be sure the products you display first are the most relevant and most

popular. People are unlikely to click to the second page of search


4 – Correct Misspellings

People frequently mistype words on mobile devices, so it’s important

that your mobile search function can decipher or automatically

correct typos.

5 – Incorporate Autocomplete

Autocomplete suggests keywords and products that match users

searches – it recommends products and keywords either immediately

when someone click in the search box or after they type a few


Autocomplete helps shoppers easily navigate to the product they are

searching for.

6 – Show Succinct Content

Mobile screen don’t have space for many visuals, text, or for

navigation links. You should limit the content you put on mobile

sites to the essentials to ensure your pages load quickly and are


7 – Have a Responsive Website Template

Responsive websites automatically reformat to fit whatever screen

Your visitors are using – including tablets and cell phones.

Mobile site optimization is the key to better user experience! A good mobile site can either make it or break it so spend good time creating and building yours.

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