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How to Optimize Your Search Box

Recently stated in an article on it said, “We live in the age of search engines and modern browsers that implement built-in search bars. Search engines, like Google or Yahoo, are very popular and people use them for almost everything. They search for what, how, when, why, etc. and the reality is that it is the search engines that set the search standards.” There are many different opinions all over the internet that explain whether certain people like to use the search bar on particular websites. For example,

I feel like I can never find what I’m looking for with a search box. Maybe that’s just me…1
For blogs and informational websites, I often don’t trust the built-in search to return better results than I’d get from Google.” (

We have decided to break down the topic of improving site search into a series of blog posts from an EBook on PrefixBox titled The Big Guide of Easy eCommerce Search Optimization Tips with the first blog being ‘How to Optimize your Search Box’ in 10 Easy steps.

First things first, “The search box has a big impact. Really big, it generates 50% of an eCommerce store’s revenue. Even though it’s important, it’s often overlooked. People implement a basic search box on their website and don’t think about it again, but this leads to missed revenue opportunities.” No one wants this missed revenue so here is how you can learn how to amp up your search box in a shortened version.

  • Position your search box at the top of the page (be sure to test the placement)

Your website visitors should be able to find your search box easily. The Search bar should be the first thing they see.

  • Make the search box large and distinctive

Make sure users can tell your search box is a search box. Website search boxes are usually about 245 pixels wide.

  • Include text such as “Product Search” “Type Search and Press Enter” in the search box.

Provide prompts in the search box so users can easily recognize which fields are acceptable for search.

  • Have an Autocomplete in your Search Box

Autocomplete suggest products and keywords to users as soon as they begin typing.

  • Show more keyword than product suggestions

Users are more likely to click on keyword suggestions

  • Label the search button and allow the “enter” key to be used to execute the search.

  • Keep the Searched term in the Box

  • Place a search box on every page

  • Place a search box at the bottom or the search results page

  • Show search History.

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