July 17, 2017

Frontend Consolidation

As an Ecommerce business owner do you ever say to yourself, “I bet the process I am using right now could be sped up a little?” Well it actually can....

As an Ecommerce business owner do you ever say to yourself, “I bet the process I am using right now could be sped up a little?” Well it actually can. If you are processing, picking, packing, labeling and shipping your packages off on your own you can definitely speed it up and start focusing on your marketing and getting your product sold.

How do we do this you may ask? Here at FirstMile we would begin with telling you we can help with your frontend Consolidation and first we start with getting you new and better rates. In an article written on Shopify called The Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment, written by Richard Lazazzera. This article is a good review for someone who may consider them a ‘new shipper’ or someone who has been in the business for a while. Let us break it down for you. Lazazzera says, “You can control your customer’s experience for the most part. You write the ads, you approve the images...However once your product leaves your hands...you have now handed over your brand to the hands of a stranger.” He then goes on to say, “Shipping can make or break your business in multiple ways. Choose the wrong shipping partner and your customers may suffer a poor experience. Don’t plan out your shipping strategy and you could end up unprofitable.” Written on the side of our trucks at FirstMile they read ‘Shipping Made Easy.’ Let the professionals who eat, sleep and breathe shipping help you out.

As mentioned above frontend consolidation will begin with getting you cheaper rates from one of our skilled shipping consultants who base shipping rates on a variety of factors just as the Shopify article mentions, “Package size, package weight, Departing country, destination country, tracking and insurance,” (for more information contact us at firstmile.com). Second, we have our own fleet of trucks all around the country where we can do the pick ups for you, this time though when your package leaves your hands for the first time it is going with someone who you already trust and have a relationship with, not just any shipper. Third, you have 24/7 customer support from our rock star team who, when something goes wrong your customers can call and they will figure out the issue or answer any questions you or your customers may have. Fourth, FirstMile does all your invoicing on ONE invoice. Lastly, claims are also done through FirstMile as well which can relieve one of the biggest headaches in the shipping world.

Richard Lazazzera says, “Shipping is definitely a challenging aspect to any ecommerce business. Every business will have their own unique challenges...understanding all the variables and evolving your shipping strategy with your growing business is vital to its long term healthy and success. So once you think you have it figured out, don’t let it go stale. Reevaluate every six months to make sure you’re delivering the absolute best possible service and experience.” It may all sound overwhelming and like a lot of work, but we can promise you that when you let us help consolidate steps in your business, you will truly understand the purpose of our shipping fulfillment services and what we mean when we say ‘Shipping Made Easy’.