July 20, 2021

FirstMile Claims Policy and FAQs

FirstMile Claims Policy and FAQs Types of Claims • Replacement Claim (Package Never Delivered) • Damaged Package Claim (Package Was Damaged In Transit) • Newgistic Return Claim (Package Being Returned By Consignee) Submitting a Claim...

FirstMile Claims Policy and FAQs

Types of Claims
• Replacement Claim (Package Never Delivered)
• Damaged Package Claim (Package Was Damaged In Transit)
• Newgistic Return Claim (Package Being Returned By Consignee)

Submitting a Claim for Review

A claim form and supporting documentation is required in order to submit a claim. You may email claims@firstmile.com to send in documentation and to receive a link to the online claim form (http://bit.ly/FirstMileClaims) or to request an Excel template of the online form.  Claims are considered submitted once all required forms and documentation are received.

Required Documentation
Documents for #2 & #3 can be attached to the #1 Confirmation Email. Confirmation Email can be forwarded to claims@firstmile.com. All attachments must include the tracking number in the file name in PDF format.

  1. Confirmation—Email from consignee confirming that package did not deliver or was damaged.
  2. Email Subject Name: “TrackingNumber”_Confirmation
  3. Item Cost—Documents supporting the cost of the item lost/damaged in transit (i.e. a Vendor Invoice clearly showing the cost at which the shipper purchased the item, or a Bill of Material if
    the item is manufactured by the shipper).
  4. File Name: “TrackingNumber”_ItemCost
  5. Damaged Packages—Photographs of damaged item(s) and packaging, if applicable. Please include both inner and outer packaging.
  6. File Name: “TrackingNumber”_Damaged

For Newgistic packages that are being returned by the consignee to the customer, you will only need to provide the Item Cost/Wholesale invoice. A package will only be eligible to submit for a claim after the package has a physical scan from USPS and 7 days after the latest scan. Packages not showing a physical scan indicating it was received by USPS will not be eligible for a claim.

Time Requirements for Submitting a Claim for Review:

• Domestic Packages: May submit after 7 days with no physical scans; No later than 75 days after shipment date
• International Packages: May submit after 45 days from first physical scan; No later than 75 days after shipment date Considerations Prior to Submitting Claims for Review:
• All shipments must show a physical scan (tracking information) at track.firstmile.com in order to be eligible for a claim. Please Note: “Label Generated”, “Electronic Notification Received”, and “En Route” are not physical scans.
• The selected services must include Delivery Confirmation tracking to be eligible for claims.
• We reserve the right to review and audit the status of all claims prior to Credit Memos being issued; including, but not limited to, denying previously approved claims.

Claims Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the claim resolution process take?
In most cases, you will receive a Receipt of Submission email within 2 to 3 business days, which will include a status of the claim. Once all the required documentation is received, the claim processing period will take up to 30 days from the ship date to receive a final approval or denial--65 days from ship date for international packages. Documentation submitted 31-75 days after the ship date (46-75 days for international) may take up to 5 business days for a final approval or denial. A final approved or denied status will be sent out after the processing period is complete. A breakdown of shipments claimed during the month will be emailed along with the Credit Memo.

Will I be reimbursed in full for my claim? How will I be reimbursed?
All claims vary based on the merits of the claim investigation. Standard liability covers the following per package (Maximum Payout: $750 per BOL):
• Packages Under 1 LB - $50
• Packages Over 1 LB - $100
You may purchase an additional service coverage on all shipments prior to them being picked up by the carrier (For added service coverage, please see “Added Service Coverage Policy & FAQs”). The approved claim reimbursement amount will be issued via a Credit Memo that will be applied against invoices.

Non Eligible Claims (not exclusively limited to this list)
• Packages that do not have physical scans.
• Packages showing a “Delivered” scan, “Attempted Delivery” scan, or a “Stop the Clock” scan/event.
• Packages that have been forwarded or returned. (Please Note: International returns are subject to be destroyed and/or abandoned without claim).
• International packages sent via DHL GM Business Standard or Priority; and DHL GM Packet Priority or Standard do not qualify for claims as Delivery Confirmation is not always available for these service types.

Added Service Coverage Policy and FAQs

Do my packages automatically come with Standard liability?
Yes, Standard liability covers the following per package (Maximum Payout: $750 per BOL):
• Packages under 1 lb. - $50.00
• Packages Over 1 lb. - $100

What are my options for additional service coverage?
To request additional coverage, you may:
Complete the online form by going to the below link:
1. Create a daily breakdown of the shipments you’d like to request an additional service coverage for. The breakdown must include all information listed in Step 2.
2. Tracking Number, Recipient Name, Total Value of Package, Ship Date, and Amount you would like the Package covered for (if different than total value). File must be in the FirstMile template format. Template may be requested by emailing addcoverage@firstmile.com
3. E-mail the daily breakdown to addcoverage@firstmile.com

When does the request need to be submitted?
All additional service coverage requests must be submitted on the same day the package is shipped. Any requests submitted after the ship date will be denied.

What is the cost for additional service coverage?
Additional Service Coverage can be purchased for $0.99 per $100.00 of coverage per package
Example: The value of my 2 lb. package that is $500. I would like the package covered for the full amount; which requires $400 of additional service coverage (deducting $100 standard liability). My cost for the additional service coverage is $3.96 ($0.99 x 4).

How will I be billed for the additional service coverage?
The billing for additional service coverages will be added to your weekly breakdown of postage as a separate line item titled “Added Service Coverage”.

Please contact claims@firstmile.com if you have any additional questions.