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Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday has become the new Black Friday. You can do all your shopping for the holidays just by a click. No need to stand in long holiday lines for something you can order online for the same or cheaper price. Cyber Monday is for anyone that may or may not want to spend the time to physically shop. Why not just shop online in a few short minutes? We have shared just a few of the best 2017 Cyber Monday deals going on during this holiday shopping madness.

Dyson Vacuums- Vacuums prices as low as $239 compared to original price of $499.

Amazon- Cyber Monday deals as well as for the whole week for cyber sales.

Walmart- Deals still going on from Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is a great site that shows you the greatest discounts for big name companies.

You can also search social media platforms to find local or national boutiques and businesses for sales by using #BlackFriday or #blackfriday. Many companies are extending their sales from Black Friday until Monday.