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Customers Ring, Are You Listenin’?

The Black Friday Rush is slowing down and the aftermath is starting to settle. Being an e-commerce business you might be experiencing an increase in volume and demand. It can be hard to meet every consumer's needs being an e-commerce company. Finding a solution for the holiday rush and exceeding your customer's expectations will bust your bottomline. So what do customers want and how can you provide good customer service?

Consumers may want a return or cancel a package that was recently ordered over the sales held, be prepared for that. The best way to be prepared for customers reaching out demanding either to cancel, change, add or alter an order is to create a plan. Your plan can include typical responses that can be given to your customers so you can a quicker response time. Including a customer support phone number and communicating effectively about order fulfillment questions. Customers will understand if they see that you are trying to keep up and make them happy with the increased volume.

An open line of communication is what any good business aims to do. Social media presence will only add to this line of communication and increase your customer satisfaction. Aiming to please your customer through communication will only help your company through the holiday rush.

During the holiday season providing FAQ’s on your website will help increase your communication with your customers. Listing FAQ’s will save you time and money. Customers will be more demanding of your time and communication as the closer it gets to the big day. You can save the phone call from your customer by listing questions online that they would probably ask your team. Many questions can easily be answered by a simple explanation. Plan to have about 10 FAQ’s that you know will help both your customer support team and customers.

Five simple rules for website FAQ’s:

  1. Provide simple questions phrased using customer lingo.
  2. Provide simple and comprehensible responses.
  3. Other links included in the response.
  4. Detailed and Visual
  5. Create subcategories of FAQ’s for specific topics