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Competing with Goliath

Amazon has set the bar fairly high for new entrepreneurs to launch online stores. They have also set the standard for shipping and customer service. We all love Amazon and love their services but there are still items you are going to buy elsewhere at places who do not ship everything in two days or have the same type of customer service.

As a consumer or business owner (because we all are one of the two) we ask you the question, how often are you about to buy something and as you check out the shipping cost tells you it will be another $5- $10? Do you still buy it? Do you start to contemplate how bad you really wanted that shirt and is it still worth it? Often we don’t buy it because we do not want to pay another $5-$10 for a $15 shirt.

As a business owner, this may be one of your worst nightmares but there are options and solutions for you out there. One of the best solutions is FirstMile. FirstMile has many ecommerce solutions, one of these is that they use the USPS work-share program to help customers leverage the Post Office network to get speedy deliveries at great rates, such as affordable 2-3 day ground shipping. What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell because of the partnerships FirstMile holds and because FirstMile is shipping out about 75,000 packages each day our negotiated rates are going to be a lot less than your average Joe is getting from the Post Office. It is a win win!

So, how can small businesses successfully compete with larger businesses? Its easy, contact FirstMile and you will be given a sales rep who will then ask simple questions such as your location, volume, weights, etc. and then he/she will provide you with your customized rates and the best services possible for your business. Next, you will be assigned your very own CRM, this is one of our Rockstar teams and as mentioned above this is the customer service we are talking about! These individuals will assist you from here on. The process is as seamless as possible and we promise you an easy breezy experience!