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Choosing a Software

One of the very first questions a company like FirstMile will ask is what label printing software are you are currently using? With FirstMile you are always in luck because we are already integrated with most shipping label softwares and have an open API. If you are currently not using a label printing software yet, we can also help.

When choosing the best label printing software for your business, there are a few things you may want to look at: shopping cart comparison, label printing comparison, WMS comparison and web hosting platforms. If you have already done your research there is a plethora of options and your decision will usually come down to research, popularity and personal preference of what you like to see and want to use.

In an article written by Shipworks titled 9 Questions to Ask when choosing Shipping Software. One of the most simple but first questions to ask yourself is, “Do you connect with my online store(s)? This might seem basic, but make sure the shipping software provider you’re looking at connects with your current online stores and those you are considering for future growth.” A key factor in your business is of course your goals and where you hope to see yourself down the road. Always do a little more research to make sure you won’t be ‘stuck’ somewhere when you may want to change something like your eCommerce software. The second question in this article says, “Do you connect with the carrier(s) I like to use? Again, it may seem like a no –brainer, but at a minimum your software provider should offer all of the carriers you’re currently using. If they offer more, that’s great because you will get exposure to other carriers and you may even discover less expensive ways to ship.”

Those less expensive ways to ship are where FirstMile will be able to help you. As a ‘multi carrier – carrier’ we will be able to get you those cheaper shipping options from the beginning AND we will help you find the right label printing software for you, either one we provide or an outside source who we are already integrated with. As your company grows we will be able to do the work for you and help you grow as seamless as possible.

The 6th question ShipWorks says to ask yourself is, “What shipping scales do you support? The goal of shipping software is to automate the entire shipping process so that you don’t have to waste time shipping.” If you feel like your process is taking too long, it probably is. There are ways to make this easier.

If you are in the process of choosing a label printing software or know your process is taking too long, make sure to think of the lists we have made above or call us at FirstMile so we can help you find the right business label software! That is what we are here for!