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Big Data and Infrastructure

In our last blog post series from PrefixBox eBook on The Big Guide of Easy Ecommerce Search Optimization Tips we went over optimizing your website search filters and product filters. This post is the last in the series where we will review and wrap up on “The Depths of Data and Infrastructure”. Regarding the topic of Data it may not be the most interesting of topics but PrefixBox describes it perfectly by saying, “Even though it isn’t a thrilling topic, ecommerce search data and infrastructure are critical to web shop performance and improvement. Data from your search can give you insight into which of your products are more popular, which search queries yield no results, and give you overall insight into how to best stock your store.”

  • Frequently Review Search Suggestion Quality

It’s important to review your eCommerce search data to see if your eCommerce search relevance is improving. Frequently checking this will help you find problems when they arise, so you can fix them before they escalate.

  • Track the Most Frequently Searched Terms

Stay up-to-date with the terms people are searching on your website. These popular searches give insight into which of your products are performing well.

  • Use Popular Searches for SEO and PPC Campaigns

Once you make note of the popular searches on your site, be sure to make the most of them. The vocabulary your website visitors use on your search function is the same they use for online search, so your database of previously searched terms is a PPC gold mine.

  • Find Search Queries that Have Poor Results

If visitors frequently search for products you don’t carry, use this insight when considering what products to stock for the following year.

  • Check for Keywords that become More Popular

Terms that become more popular signal which products your customers want to buy.

  • Keep and Eye on Your Top Listed Products

Having data on the click-through rate of the first five products per search term is important, since these products should be the most relevant and clicked most frequently.

  • Gather Mobile Website Data too

It’s important to track data from your mobile site, so you can see which features are the most important and frequently used.

  • Have Multiple Data Centers

Ecommerce site search plays a big role in directing customers to the products they want to buy. Data centers sometimes fail and go offline, so in order to avoid downtime, host all the critical parts of your web store in multiple data centers.

  • Consider Using a SaaS eCommerce Search Solution

SaaS (software as a service) – solutions can save you time and money. These solutions often work at a higher capacity and come at a lower price than on-premise solutions.

Over the last five weeks we have reviewed Prefixbox eBook on SEO tips and every part you should review in order to have a successful online website. For more detail on each eCommerce business tip, you can find all of the information on their website in this eBook.

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