October 6, 2017

Barcode Scanners Made Easy

Deciding what type of barcode scanner to use can be stressful or easy. You can decide whether or not you will be pulling your hair out or getting your customers...

Deciding what type of barcode scanner to use can be stressful or easy. You can decide whether or not you will be pulling your hair out or getting your customers packages to them faster. There are four different types of barcode scanners that you can choose from: pen, laser, CCD or 2D scanner. Each will have the pros and cons listed out so you can determine the best barcode scanner for your small business. Choosing the right scanner for your e-commerce business can help you ship out your products more efficiently and faster. E-commerce might be easier than ever if you pick the best scanner option for organizing your small business.

Pen Wand

The name pretty much sums up what the scanner/wand looks like, i’ll give you a hint a pen. This wand uses the light as a source to retrieve information back to the system. The different waveforms will give each barcode/bar a unique waveform for the product code. These scanners can have faster readability rates and longer scan distances compared to other scanners. Though they are more expensive compared to your typically laser scanner.

Laser Barcode Scanner

Laser barcode scanners are essentially in the same category as pen wands except they tend to be on the inexpensive side. Though this scan can be labor intensive for your e-commerce business as the scanner has to be touching the barcode when scanning it. This scanner can be easily influenced if the operator makes an error as it is manual based processes.

CCD Scanners

Linear Charged Coupled Device:

This can be the easiest type of barcode scanner for you to choose as it will make your e-commerce barcode scanning easier and faster. The great thing about this scanner is it can be used in brightly lit areas and still work. So even on the sunniest day your e-commerce business won’t be affected. Though the barcodes do need to be smaller than the device as it essentially takes a picture of the barcode. The barcode scanner will have to be close to the barcode and does have lower rates compared to a laser scanner.

2D barcode scanners:

This scan is widely available as you could use your Iphone for example and still be able to scan barcodes. These types of barcode readers have the ability to hold a lot of information in the smallest form. Though with easy accessibility comes higher priced scanners that might be above your budget.

Connecting your barcode scanner to your computer can be simple to set up. There are a couple options that will allow you to connect your computer; USB, Wireless USB and Pocket PC barcode scanner (actual computer). Picking the right scanner and connection will help your e-commerce processing by having reliable information delivered to your system. Once you have decided which of these barcode scanner types is best for your specific needs, be sure to learn more about how to generate barcodes for your products. Or contact the FirstMile team today to learn more about picking the best small business scanner for your application!