August 1, 2018

5 tips for successfully selling your products online

Gone are the days when a business degree determined whether you thrived in the competitive business world. Today, entrepreneurs are born the moment they accrue 500 followers on Instagram or...

Gone are the days when a business degree determined whether you thrived in the competitive business world. Today, entrepreneurs are born the moment they accrue 500 followers on Instagram or open their Etsy accounts.

Because there are so many online stores, new modes of selling your inspired creations are everywhere. It can get overwhelming trying to stand out. Do not worry about being just like the successful shops you have already browsed. Focus only on these five eCommerce tips to learn how to sell products online successfully, and then fill in the rest with however you want. Keep it personal and keep it yours. In time, it will pay off.

1. Be sold on your product

Believe in your product. Do not sell anything you would not buy. In determining your marketing plan or in reminding yourself why you spend so much time on your online shop, you will need powerful motivation in why you are doing this.

If your product is just a fun idea that does not keep your interest, your shop is never going to reach its peak selling point. Your product needs to be something you believe has selling power for over five years and you must be able to defend why.

2. Promote via social media

Use social media effectively, advises Toby Nwazar in an article for Huffington Post. Take advantage of blogging, paid advertising and anything that will increase your search engine optimization. Because your advertising is all online, your clients will not have a chance to look and hold the product in person. This is why photos with consistent color and lighting are important. Daily, litter all of your social media outlets with great images of who you are and what your product is.

It is easy to get intimidated by Instagram accounts or Facebook pages with more than 100,000 followers. Do not forget that it took time and consistency for those accounts to gain those followings.

3. Keep checkout easy and intuitive.

Great job! People know about your shop, they found something they like and now they are trying to check out. The only thing is, they cannot find where to put their credit card information. Worse yet, the credit card number is submitted but there is no way of knowing whether the transaction went through or not.

Keep it easy and clear. Maybe have a pop-up window in the corner inviting them to check out. Consider allowing them to make adjustments to their cart while they are in check out. The easier it is to check out, the more likely the consumer will go through with the transaction.

4. Let someone else handle shipping

Nothing is more complicated and chaotic than having all of your product in your bedroom working on fulfillment while also focusing on creating a new product line.

Finding an awesome company that will keep your personal space clean and handles your shipping for you means fewer headaches for you and fewer frustrating phone calls for your consumers. FirstMile works with other major shipping companies that deliver to more than 200 countries, offering tracking and different timing options for delivery.

5. Make sure your customer is taken care of at all times

Without a great customer base, there is no business. Customers are loyal to companies they trust. Trust is built on consistency, communication and a willingness to listen to customer needs. Writing for, Brian Edmondson recommends focusing on serving rather than just selling.

This does not mean you give your private phone number to every potential consumer. It means you have an email address available and you have a response rate of fewer than 24 hours. It is simple but can make a huge difference. Learn more about how to provide good customer service now!

If you are willing to put in the time and trust that your hard work will pay off, it will. The most important thing to remember for starting your business is that it takes time. Often, you will not see huge results in the first year. It can take several years of dedication your business to grow and become something to be reckoned with. If you are patient and consistent, these five eCommerce tips will make a huge difference in learning how to sell online successfully!