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5 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Small Business

Barcoding is the first of five easy steps to organizing your small business. We know what you are thinking: another exciting article about the world of barcoding systems for small businesses. In reality, a barcode organization can simplify your small business, and at the same time support you through the busiest season. Regardless of the size of your company — large or small — a retail barcoding system can expedite the process of organizing and sorting products. For example, if you have multiple people wanting to check out and you are using the barcoding system, you will be able to help your customers more efficiently by using a product organizing automation system instead of inputting each and every product code manually. An inventory barcoding system keeps your small business more organized and accurate while maintaining the most important aspect of any business - customer satisfaction. A barcoding system can also be completely customizable and tailored to your company’s unique small business organization needs. In e-commerce shipping, barcoding can also greatly aid all hands that touch the product on its path to your customers.

The following are some tenets that will help you determine if barcode organization fits the needs of your company:


  • Using the barcoding system will allow your business to move more quickly as compared to manually inputting product PLU’s.
  • Decreasing checker-product management will allow the company to focus on increasing customer-employee interaction.
  • Barcoding systems can and will keep up with your busiest time of year.
  • With the help of barcoding, e-commerce shipping can be greatly expedited.


  • The minimum requirements for a barcoding system are to support, sort, and scan barcodes.
  • The pricing for barcoding software and scanners may range from $40 to $60.
  • There are economical choices available such as free barcode fonts and original labels.

Generated barcodes are linked to specific products regardless of the scanner. In an increasingly time-conscious society, e-commerce shipping companies provide quick and reliable services. Barcoding aids the first piece of a two-part relationship between product originators and their consumers. The second aspect of the equation is your e-commerce shipper. Without a quick process of product organization and management, product fulfillment can be greatly inhibited. When 50% of your business model is slowed, your entire business slows.

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