Easy Returns Management Services

As your e-commerce fulfillment provider, FirstMile offers extremely easy return management services on parcels by leveraging the vast USPS Work Share Network. The simple returns management solution allows customers to quickly print a return label, apply it to their package and put it in the mail box or drop it off at any USPS location. Allowing customers to return packages is a great option that FirstMile is providing for your e-commerce business. The impact of eCommerce returns management on your customers might increase their satisfaction with your business. 95% percent more customers will leave happy and satisfied with their experience if return shipping is an option.

Our e-commerce shipping provides returns management and fulfillment solutions. FirstMile provides both returns services and deliveries for e-commerce companies. Your e-commerce business matters and so should your returns and delivers. Your business will see the benefits of cutting costs by using FirstMile e-commerce management services. If you need more than just shipping there is a fulfillment solution available that will help you with inventory management, packaging and shipping all in one service. Providing a return solution for your e-commerce business will improve customer satisfaction and retention rate. Giving your customer the option to return their merchandise will provide an easy solution for what may have once been difficult. The customizable services are available both domestically and internationally.

Step-By-Step Return Process From FirstMile

  1. Online label is generated with instructions.
  2. Return label can be emailed to customer.
  3. Returns are picked up from Xparcel service.
  4. Full parcel return service tracking provided for return transit visibility.
  5. Barcode bar that is printed/generated will improve inventory management.
  6. Track parcels from dual carriers on FirstMile Website.
  7. Notifications of tracking sent to customer with FirstMile added technology service.