What Is eCommerce Shipping?

eCommerce shipping, simply put, are shipping services employed for companies that sell products over the internet that make shipping their products more manageable and affordable. But eCommerce shipping has also come to mean a few different things in a time where online shopping is becoming incredibly popular, and companies are racing to the bottom to provide the best online shopping experience at the lowest cost.

eCommerce shipping has become more competitive than ever with large retailers like Amazon and Walmart making shopping faster and cheaper for their customers. While shipping via postal services like UPS and FedEx may work fine for companies that are just starting out with a few packages a day, as your business grows and attracts more customers, you’ll need to find faster and the cheapest way to ship a package in order to keep up and meet customer expectations. That’s where eCommerce shipping services come in.

Learn Why eCommerce Shipping Is Important & How FirstMile Makes It Better

Why It’s Important

As a business owner, you understand that your customer’s experience with your brand can make or break your relationship with them, and impact your sales. While you can control most aspects of your customer’s experience, once you send off a package, a large part of that customer relationship is outsourced to whatever company you entrusted your eCommerce delivery services to. If the package arrives late, in bad shape, or worse, not at all, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression.

So it’s obvious that you want to do business with someone who is reliable, but shipping costs can severely impact your bottom line with the time and money that they take. As well, expensive shipping costs can cause your customers to lose interest in completing their order. What is a business, especially a budding business, to do?

How FirstMile Makes It Better

Enter FirstMile, a reliable, cost-saving solution for all your eCommerce shipping needs. Make us part of your team and we’ll provide you with fast, affordable shipping and fulfillment solutions. Going international? We ship to over 220 countries, so you can get your packages wherever they need to go in a timely, cost-effective fashion.

How do we do it? We use the USPS workshare program to deliver your packages directly to major shipping networks. We pick up hundreds of thousands of packages weekly, and we’re able to leverage discounts for shipping companies that translate into savings for you! It’s a win-win.

Choose from a variety of different shipping speeds and enjoy flexible professional pickup times, whether you’re shipping 50 packages a day or 50,000. We’ve got eCommerce shipping solutions for small and large businesses alike.

But speed and cost cutting aren’t the only things we offer. We want to put the power back into your hands by allowing you to track every package from your warehouse to your customer’s door. We even offer a suite of helpful shipping tools that save you valuable time through automation.

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