Shipping for Small & Midsize Businesses

The FirstMile Solution for
Small & Midsize Businesses

FirstMile provides optimized shipping solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses, empowering them for success.
Solutions for Small & Midsize Shippers

Optimized Shipping Services for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Maximized Cost Efficiency with Xparcel

FirstMile's Xparcel offers small and mid-sized companies a dual advantage: a cost-effective shipping solution and competitive leverage. By combining the best of price and service for every package, Xparcel ensures businesses, especially those on stringent budgets, can save significantly. Additionally, by offering fast transit times and reliable services at competitive rates, Xparcel positions smaller companies to rival larger enterprises and capture a larger market share.

Operational Excellence and Customer-Centricity

As these companies expand, Xparcel's scalability ensures seamless adaptation to growing demands without hitches. Its dynamic routing, smart carrier selection, and expansive network enhance delivery times and reach. Simultaneously, streamlined shipping processes and real-time analytics empower businesses to operate more efficiently and make data-driven decisions. This operational efficiency directly translates into elevated customer loyalty and satisfaction, crucial for repeat business and referrals.

Sustainability, Support, and Superior Shipping

Beyond operational efficiencies, Xparcel's strategy focuses on sustainability, enabling businesses to minimize their environmental footprint with eco-friendly routes and practices. Complementing these offerings, businesses benefit from FirstMile's industry-leading expertise and unwavering support, simplifying the complexities of logistics. In essence, Xparcel is more than just a shipping method; it's a growth enabler for small and mid-sized companies, ensuring they provide stellar shipping experiences and value to their customers.

May 23, 2024
FirstMile Recognized as an Innovator by Stampli
Domestic Shipping for Small & Midsize Businesses

Optimized Domestic Shipping for Growing Brands

FirstMile is dedicated to bridging the shipping gap for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). Our tailored shipping solutions address the unique challenges SMEs encounter, ensuring seamless order deliveries and enhancing customer satisfaction. Trust in FirstMile to elevate your business's shipping efficiency and reliability.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Shipping for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

FirstMile’s optimized carrier strategy coupled with reduced shipping costs makes it a go-to solution for businesses aiming for cost-effectiveness. Its flexibility in handling volume fluctuations, especially during seasonal demand spikes, ensures scalable operations. Additionally, Xparcel’s personalized shipping solutions, tailored to specific company needs and customer expectations, stand out in a crowded market.

Unparalleled Network Access and Speedy Deliveries

Gaining access to FirstMile's comprehensive network — spanning national, regional, local, and international carriers — businesses can simplify and streamline their shipping processes. This, paired with dynamic routing and efficient carrier selection, guarantees faster transit times, ensuring prompt deliveries and elevated customer satisfaction levels.

International Expansion and Compliance Expertise

Expanding globally becomes more straightforward with FirstMile's International Shipping Services, opening doors to over 220 countries. This global reach is backed by expert guidance from shipping specialists, adept at navigating the labyrinth of international regulations, making overseas ventures less daunting.

Tech-Driven Insights and Exceptional Support

Seamless integrations with eCommerce platforms optimize the logistics landscape for businesses. Enhanced by Xparcel Technology’s comprehensive tracking, reporting tools, and efficient parcel sorting capabilities, businesses are empowered to make strategic decisions. Furthermore, the dedicated FirstMile team ensures exemplary service, from driving to customer support and claims handling.

International Shipping for Small & Midsize Businesses

International Shipping Services for Small & Mid-Sized eCommerce Shippers

For small and medium-sized enterprises, FirstMile's international shipping services provide numerous advantages that enable you to stay competitive in the global market and enhance your shipping operations.

Strategic International Expansion for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises can significantly extend their reach with FirstMile, diving into international markets and thereby boosting their revenue potential. This transition is made smoother with a comprehensive international shipping solution that demystifies cross-border eCommerce complexities. Small to mid-sized companies are further bolstered by a team of shipping specialists who ensure compliance with international regulations, providing crucial support and expertise.

Optimized Shipping Experience for Your Customers

The promise of faster and reliable international deliveries enhances customer loyalty, satisfaction, and the likelihood of repeat business. Xparcel acts as a game-changer in this domain by offering optimized cost strategies, a plethora of shipping options ranging from priority to ground, and a dynamic routing system that prioritizes efficiency. This ensures timely deliveries even when faced with disruptions.

Empowered Shipping Management and Scalability

Beyond the sheer act of shipping, FirstMile equips businesses with robust features such as customs clearance, international tracking, and crucial documentation tools, fostering seamless international shipment management. The added advantage of integration with leading eCommerce platforms further simplifies operations. What’s more, as these businesses grow, FirstMile's scalable solutions ensure they're always ready for the next step.

Save on shipping costs and improve transit times
Discover how FirstMile optimizes service to transform your shipping experience
Shipping Technology for Small & Midsize Businesses

FirstMile Technology for Small & Midsize Brands

The technology offered by FirstMile addresses various pain points of small and midsize businesses in shipping and logistics, providing them with a competitive edge and helping them grow their operations efficiently.

Cost Savings

By leveraging a unified carrier network, Xparcel enables businesses to access cost-effective shipping options across national, regional, local, and international carriers. This helps smaller businesses reduce shipping expenses and allocate resources more efficiently.

Time Efficiency

Xparcel's advanced sorting technology allows the processing of up to 10,000 packages per order, streamlining the sorting process. This ensures quicker handling and faster transit times, reducing delays and improving customer satisfaction.

Automated Carrier Selection

Xparcel selects the best carrier for each package based on various factors like weight, dimensions, origin, destination, fuel, and more. Small businesses benefit from automated carrier selection, saving time and effort in finding the most suitable shipping method.

Enhanced Tracking and Insights

FirstMile's reporting technology provides businesses with actionable shipment data, including transit times, carrier information, scan dates, delivery status, destination address details, and billing reports. This data empowers businesses to optimize their shipping processes and make informed decisions.

Seamless Integration at Scale

Xparcel integrates with top eCommerce delivery platforms, allowing small and mid-sized businesses to seamlessly adopt the technology. FirstMile's expertise and patented technology cater to businesses at every growth stage, with Xparcel offering adaptive shipping solutions for an evolving market.

Customer Experience Improvements

Xparcel selects the best carrier for each package based on various factors including weight, dimensions, origin, destination, fuel, and more. Small businesses benefit from automated carrier selection, saving time and effort in finding the most suitable shipping method for every package shipped.

“My order arrived so fast, I was thinking it was something I ordered long ago had finally arrived, but much to my surprise it was an order from just 2 days ago! That’s service, fast and everything in perfect condition.“

– Kelly “Kweezz” K

“They delivered my package quicker than my grandpa falling asleep on a Sunday. That's pretty quick. Like incredibly quick. Package was placed out of site from the street but noticeable to me when I approached the door and was in great condition.”

– Megan Ruud

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