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The FirstMile Solution for 3PL Shipping

FirstMile offers 3PL clients tailored shipping solutions to streamline logistics operations, ensuring continuous supply chain visibility and optimization.
Overcoming 3PL Challenges

Common Challenges Faced by Third-Party Logistics Providers

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies navigate a complex landscape of challenges, from unpredictable variables like fuel pricing and seasonal demand to evolving customer expectations spurred by the rise of eCommerce. FirstMile helps 3PLs in addressing these issues with strategic planning, technology investments, process optimization, and effective risk management.

Technology & Data 

Integrating systems across diverse clients is a formidable task. Outdated or disjointed technology limits advanced services like predictive analytics, impeding efficiency.

Compliance, Security & Risks

The intricate web of regulations changes by region and cargo type. Ensuring cargo security, managing risks like theft, accidents, and natural calamities, and efficiently processing insurance claims is paramount.

Customer Expectations & Service

The modern customer expects quick, accurate deliveries with real-time updates. Balancing this with challenges like last-mile delivery, often riddled with urban congestion and the demands for instantaneous delivery, tests 3PL resilience.

Talent & Sustainability

The industry faces a talent crunch, especially in roles central to technology and compliance. Concurrently, the push towards greener operations puts pressure on 3PLs to adopt sustainable methods and decrease their carbon footprint.

Global Challenges & Competition

International 3PLs grapple with cross-border regulations and geopolitical nuances. The intense industry competition, amplified by consolidations, means 3PLs must stand out. Additionally, managing reverse logistics adds complexity.


As digital dependence grows, safeguarding sensitive data against cyber threats becomes pivotal.

May 23, 2024
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Optimized 3PL

Optimize 3PL Shipping With Xparcel

Xparcel provides Third-Party Logistics providers (3PLs) with an all-inclusive solution that streamlines and enhances shipping and logistics. The dynamic routing and carrier strategies ensure faster transit times and reduced costs, promoting timely deliveries even under tight windows and in dynamic market conditions. As a result, 3PLs can confidently compete in today’s market, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Operational and Financial Advantages for 3PLs

Offering scalability during volume spikes and a vast partner network, Xparcel enhances 3PLs' reach and flexibility. With integrated carrier selection and various shipping options from Priority to Ground, 3PLs can customize solutions to client preferences and needs. The financial benefits are pronounced, as optimizing both shipping costs and transit times boosts profits.

Innovation, Analytics, and Sustainability in 3PL Operations

3PLs benefit from patented technology and industry-leading expertise, equipping them to outperform in a highly competitive sector. Real-time analytics and insights empower data-driven decisions and strategy optimization. Importantly, the eco-friendly dynamic routing reduces carbon footprints, appealing to sustainability-focused clients. As a result, Xparcel's comprehensive offerings expand the market reach of 3PLs, granting them a distinctive edge in the logistics landscape.

Services for 3PL

Domestic Shipping Services for 3PLs

FirstMile’s domestic shipping services offer numerous advantages for 3PLs, ranging from cost optimization and operational efficiency to enhanced customer satisfaction and industry-leading technology. Leveraging these benefits can enable 3PLs to attract and retain clients, expand their market presence, and solidify their position as reliable and competitive logistics partners.

Diverse Shipping & Streamlined Operations

FirstMile's comprehensive domestic shipping services present a broad spectrum of options, tailored to e-commerce retailers. This flexibility not only attracts more partnerships for 3PLs but also streamlines their operations through an all-in-one solution. The efficiency of this system leads to notable cost savings and enhanced service levels.

Efficient Deliveries & Client Satisfaction

An expansive network of induction partners combined with Xparcel's patented shipping method guarantees fast, reliable deliveries. The resultant high customer satisfaction, bolstered by a dedicated team for customer service and claims, ensures long-term client relationships and positive recommendations. Additionally, Xparcel's dynamic adaptability prevents potential market disruptions and delays.

Technology & Operational Consolidation

3PLs benefit from Xparcel's industry-leading technology, especially in smart routing and package optimization. The centralized system, offering a single tracking portal, API integration, and a unified customer service team, simplifies administrative tasks and efficiently manages diverse clients. Moreover, the option to merge all shipping activities into one hub streamlines internal processes.

Growth & Competitive Advantage

The solutions available cater to a range of clients, from startups to enterprise-level, enabling 3PLs to expand their client base. Access to an extensive shipping network, combined with the leverage of bulk purchasing power, ensures broader reach and cost-effectiveness. This strategic alignment with Xparcel's tech-centric approach equips 3PLs with the tools to stay at the forefront of the logistics industry, ensuring they remain competitive and deliver unmatched services to their clients.

“FirstMile was super fast. I got a notification that it had shipped, and received the package the very next morning! Very happy with the service.“

– Lea Shepherd

“I'm so pleased with my delivery. Did not expect to receive it so fast let alone find it safely waiting on my porch. I'm impressed! Thank you FirstMile.”

– Melody Wilbur

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International Shipping for 3PL Companies

Seamless International Shipping Services for 3PLs

With FirstMile’s international shipping services and optimizations, 3PLs can increase their global presence with precision, ease, and efficiency to provide more services to customers in countries all over the world: 

Global Reach & Efficiency 

FirstMile's international services allow 3PLs to swiftly penetrate global markets, unlocking new revenue streams and catering to clients with international requirements. Their vast network facilitates shipping to over 220 countries, ensuring broad global coverage for 3PLs.

Operational Streamlining & Cost-Effectiveness 

Merging FirstMile's holistic approach with Xparcel's smart routing technology, 3PLs can optimize shipping procedures, saving both time and money. Xparcel's varied shipping methods and dynamic adjustments to changing market situations further enhance this efficiency. Additionally, by integrating with top eCommerce platforms, FirstMile and Xparcel simplify 3PLs' shipping operations, making management smoother.

Compliance, Tracking, & Customer Satisfaction

3PLs can easily navigate the maze of international shipping regulations, thanks to FirstMile's team of seasoned shipping specialists. This expertise minimizes customs delays, ensuring timely deliveries. Enhanced international tracking and thorough documentation services offer clients increased transparency throughout the shipping journey. Ultimately, the speed and reliability of FirstMile's international shipping elevate the end-customer experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Save on shipping costs and improve transit times
Discover how FirstMile optimizes service to transform your shipping experience
Shipping Technology for 3PL Companies

Unlocking 3PL Excellence with FirstMile Technology

FirstMile's tech suite empowers 3PLs to hone their shipping strategies, slash operational expenses, and elevate customer contentment, making it an indispensable tool in today's logistics landscape.

Efficient Shipping & Automation

Harnessing FirstMile's Xparcel Technology, 3PLs access an expansive unified carrier network that spans local to international levels. It automates the selection of the most efficient carriers, factoring in package-specific variables like weight and destination. Moreover, the technology allows for automated shipping preferences, ensuring every package adheres to the set guidelines, translating to streamlined shipping processes.

Optimized Sorting & Cost Management

Boasting the capacity to handle 10,000 packages per order, FirstMile's state-of-the-art parcel sorting tech accelerates sorting and linehaul processes. This efficiency reduces both handling times and errors, leading to significant cost savings for 3PLs.

Enhanced Insights & Operations

FirstMile's reporting tool showers 3PLs with critical shipment data, from transit times to billing reports. The seamless data integration and carrier strategy flexibility enable 3PLs to efficiently track shipments across multiple platforms. With real-time monitoring, 3PLs can anticipate issues and devise solutions promptly, ensuring smooth sailing.

Integration, Scalability & Customer Experience

The technology's integration with top-tier eCommerce platforms offers 3PLs a unified shipping dashboard, minimizing administrative burdens. Catering to businesses of all scales, FirstMile ensures that 3PLs can effectively expand their operations, meeting the evolving needs of their clientele. All these enhancements cumulatively refine the customer experience, translating to swift deliveries, precise tracking, and heightened customer loyalty.

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Through its optimized routing and sorting techniques, FirstMile significantly trims the carbon footprint of its shipments. This green approach aligns 3PLs with sustainability objectives, resonating with eco-aware customers.

Save on shipping costs and improve transit times
Discover how FirstMile optimizes service to transform your shipping experience
Expert Solutions for Startups, Enterprise Shippers, and 3PLs

The All-in-One eCommerce Shipping Solution

Elevate your business to new heights with our industry-leading expertise, dedicated support team, and innovative patented technology, tailored to businesses at every stage of growth.

The Original Smart Routing
Xparcel was built to provide brands at every stage with an accessible and efficient, fully optimized carrier strategy.

Xparcel is a dynamic shipping solution that optimizes package routing according to your unique shipping profile and changing market conditions. Say goodbye to shipment delays caused by carrier disruptions or bottlenecks.
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Simple Shipping Integration

Shipping Platform Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your shipping operations your way with FirstMile.